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A Soulful Approach

Sharing your Story

Sharing your problems and difficulties with a therapist can bring a new sense of perspective. I will listen deeply to your story, understanding how it has shaped you. We will gain insights into how your journey has influenced the challenges you face. The space is judgment-free and nurturing, as well as gently challenging.

Finding Depth

As we dig deeper and explore your story we will begin to understand the nature of your difficulty. Using creative approaches such as myth, poetry, art, imagery and dream work we are able to connect with a sense of depth. This invites a poetic sensitivity into the weaving narrative, allowing you to shift perspective and see your story in a new light.

Understanding & Acceptance

As we begin to learn what troubles you, we invite a quality of honesty. Cultivating an understanding and acceptance will enable you to let your feelings in as well as cultivating a loving, kind relationship with yourself and others in view of the full scope of our vulnerability and tenderness.

Working Together

We spend time with each other each week exploring your inner world. There may be laughter, tears or both at the same time! All is welcome and we take the journey of your therapy together. I hold a space for you to express the un-sayable or the un-thinkable. A space that feels healing and restorative as we find ways to be beside you in your authentic experience - whether that's joy or sadness we go there together.

Courage to Grow

There might be patterns of behaviour that you feel are out of control - habitual, compulsive or addictive - that are getting in the way. You may struggle with intimate relationships, an unmet sense of loss and dread might make life feel heavy and hard. You are not a problem to be fixed or solved, therapy with me is less about making you better and more about finding change through growth.

Finding Freedom

Soulful therapy leads us not towards a new improved version but to a deep knowing of ourselves. We are able to live with a sense of wholeheartedness, joy and freedom of choice. Together we will explore ways for you to hold yourself and find a sense of inner belonging. To grow, mature and blossom into your True nature. Finding a sense of meaning and purpose as you negotiate life's challenges with awareness and acceptance.

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift" - Albert Einstein

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