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What is a 'Soulful Approach'?

When we speak of soul we speak to a unique sense of depth that is alive in all of us. As we explore and understand our hurt and pain, we may come into relationship with our deep wounding. A part of ourselves that has withdrawn deeper into our being. Attempting to find safety behind defences that are built to protect these tender parts. We call this depth of our being the unconscious. These hurt parts of ourselves that dwell deep are alive and in their pain they may cause us to act out. There might be patterns of behaviour that feel out of control - habitual, compulsive or addictive - that get in the way. You may struggle to be in an intimate relationship with yourself or others. An unmet sense of loss and dread might make life feel heavy and hard.

Soulful therapy asks us to pay attention to these parts of ourselves that have suffered and hear their individual stories. So that we may give them a place in our being become part of our whole story. As we do this we recover a sense of deep inner power to help and support us in the face of life's adversities. It takes courage to allow the painful experiences to be a part of our story and so we practice with care, respect and acceptance. This therapeutic healing work is carried out within a safe, held space and is done so with a sense of gentleness as we find ways to come to terms with the losses in our life and learn to grieve.

Gently connecting to a sense of ourselves that is not living the dream but having a nightmare means we can be honest about where we find ourselves. We can begin to tell our own story with a clarity that includes the less desirable aspects of our narrative. In soul based therapy we share our stories, drawing alongside and acknowledging our wounds. As we spend time with our suffering, we begin to re-member these parts of ourselves. We invite these wounded selves back into the home of our hearts, cultivating an on-going dialogue with them.

As we dig deeper into our story and unearth the root sources of our pain, we come to understand why we find our selves struggling. As we do this we can start to let ourselves off the hook. We can begin to accept who we are more fully and the unique nature of our being. We come to forgive ourselves and each other in view of the full scope of our vulnerability and tenderness. The gateway to our deep soulful nature is through our heartache and it's a journey that leads us not towards perfection or an improved version but to a deep knowing of our selves, finding more of who we already are. We can live with a sense of wholeheartedness, joy and freedom of choice.

In therapy, we will explore ways for you to hold yourself within the warm embrace of your own heart, so that you may find a sense of home and belonging in yourself. So that you may come to negotiate life's challenges with a new awareness, accepting yourself as you connect to the world around you in every day life.

Soul asks us to face the pain that binds us so that we may be free. With help and support you don't have to do it alone. Allowing these uncomfortable feelings in, being honest about our stories and who we are enables us to grow, mature and blossom; realizing that a sense of peace and stillness is possible. We are able to connect to a sense of meaning, purpose and vitality. Although this doesn’t mean that our struggles are over - the world and our pasts will continue to hurt and we will difficulties along the way - the pain will lessen and we will be carried through life by a Deeper Wisdom that lies within, sustained by our connection to a sense of authenticity, at ease with our True nature.

Artwork by Heidi Mbemap

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